I am not sure what this evolution of the site is going to be. I’ve been feeling the need to send my voice into the abyss that is the internet though, so check back later and maybe you’ll find something interesting – or maybe not – it will be a surprise.

  • Another one bites the dust…

    Tax season that is, though I have currently lost track of how many are dust, let’s just say – too many.

  • March 2024

    Doh! Missed another month; not that March is a very exciting one for me, just taxes, taxes, taxes…

    And chilling with Lucy, while we stare out at those crazy birds that keep entering the backyard without our permission.

  • February 2024

    I mentally missed the end of the month, not at work, there I was very aware of the end of February because it is the deadline for tax slip filing, but here I missed it. I had been on a good run of posting at least monthly. So let’s pretend it is still February when I’m posting this, so today is February 31st. 😉

    That being said, I don’t particularly have anything to say today. February passed extremely quickly when compared to January which seemed to drag on.

    I’m still settling into the new job, we’re three months in now and I find myself wishing I’d received a fresh start at this office instead of having to deal with the baggage that has carried over from my previous job.

    Lately, my brain has been vacillating between ‘I should run away from this weird lifestyle I’ve been brainwashed into thinking is a goal’ and continuing in it because ‘well I don’t see the entire world suddenly changing and I’ve worked hard for what I have accomplished’. However, there is something lovely in the idea of living in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere with a puppy, spending my days sitting on the porch sipping tea and looking out over the small acreage around the cottage. Though that might just be an ‘I won the lottery’ life plan.