I am not sure what this evolution of the site is going to be. I’ve been feeling the need to send my voice into the abyss that is the internet though, so check back later and maybe you’ll find something interesting – or maybe not – it will be a surprise.

  • November 2023

    This has been an absolutely exhausting month (on top of a year of irritating months).

    It started with my being disappointed by someone who I thought was a better person than they turned out to be. They took a multi-year professional relationship and made a number of decisions leading to its destruction, while also making me feel like I had completely misplaced my respect and loyalty towards them.

    The silver lining I am trying to focus on (it doesn’t always work) is that this week I started what I hope will be a new and exciting employment position. I am working alongside some friends who I haven’t worked with for years plus have access to a larger team to share the stress that is often found in the accounting world (which was one of the issues I was dealing with most of this last year – a lack of support during stressful times – see my post from May).

    Overall I am ready for 2023 to be over but if nothing else I’d like the rest of the year to be the start of an upswing in life.

  • Happy Hallowe’en

    October has been another crazy month, in an already chaotic year. I’m just waiting for this year to be over to hopefully start the next one with a fresh outlook since there are some changes happening starting in November which I’m hoping are for the best.

  • As Requested…

    She looks like an angel but behind that cute facade is a food driven monster. 😉