I am not sure what this evolution of the site is going to be. I’ve been feeling the need to send my voice into the abyss that is the internet though, so check back later and maybe you’ll find something interesting – or maybe not – it will be a surprise.

  • June 2023

    Well June failed to step up and kick the year back onto a better path.

    My hope that at this halfway point in the year life would feel more settled was dashed and it is the opposite, I’m feeling more stressed and unsettled than ever.

    Things that I hoped would be resolved aren’t moving forward at all, and I would swear they have lost all forward momentum entirely.

    I’m bored too, which isn’t helping, it’s like nothing is happening and I’m just stuck in a loop that I didn’t choose for myself.

    I don’t care about anything.

    And yet…I care that I don’t care, which essentially feels like caring about everything and that seems so much worse.

    I have no idea how to change things, not without throwing my entire life into a blender, which while there is some appeal to that, I’ve worked really hard to get where I am, regardless if it isn’t feeling like where I’m supposed to be right now and don’t just want to blow up my life.

    Cross your fingers, pray to your Gods/Fates/Universe of choice that the start of the second half of the year bring some reprieve. Who knows, it probably won’t help, but it sure would be nice…

  • Maaaaaaaaay…

    This month seemed so long and yet it is over as we enter June.

    I am still waiting to settle into my new routine, the new job and just life as it is now.

    The last few years have been an upheaval for many and I’m no different. Family deaths, work changes, life stress and strain plus let’s do it all during a global pandemic!

    It isn’t exactly a recipe for calm and serenity is it?

    I’m giving June a chance to turn this year around, to kick the rest of 2024 onto a new path, preferably one without as many twists and turns – I could use a good straight away for a bit of a change.

  • Another one bites the dust…

    Tax season that is, though I have currently lost track of how many are dust, let’s just say – too many.