I am not sure what this evolution of the site is going to be. I’ve been feeling the need to send my voice into the abyss that is the internet though, so check back later and maybe you’ll find something interesting – or maybe not – it will be a surprise.

  • The Season

    It is too early in the tax year for me to be this exhausted and for my brain to turn mush.

    I haven’t even been working the same hours I was this time last year and yet, I feel twice as tired.

    Hopefully, this isn’t a sign of what is to come. This year was supposed to be calmer than the last few, but I keep feeling like that won’t be the case.

    Maybe old age is getting to me, perhaps I need to discover (rediscover?) a hobby to engage my mind more outside of work or it could be that I just need about a year’s worth of REALLY good night’s sleep. I can do something about two of those things, well one for sure, the sleep thing is a lifetime challenge, but I could pick up my camera or books more often.

    Whatever the case, I am just going to attempt to get through the next few months of tax season fatigue the best I can as a non-millionaire, sleeping when I can and probably eating poorly. Tis the season!