Knock Knock

This is not the start of a joke.

This is the sound that seems to be waking me from sleep, or dreams I guess, in a reoccurring and sporadic manner.

From a deep sleep I will suddenly be woken up as if someone has just knocked on something very near to me.

There is no one there.

Yet I distinctly heard a knocking.

The first few times freaked me out, I thought someone was at the door in the middle of the night. Now that it has happened a few times I seem to be realizing it is just my subconscious and I calmly try to fall back to sleep (once my heart rate returns to normal – it is still a sudden loud rapping noise.)

I’d love to know what it means is my subconscious trying to get my attention? If so why? Must it be so cryptic? That’s not helpful.

I’ve started to write down the date and time that I’m abruptly pulled from sleep, maybe there is a pattern I can find, but I need more data points first.

For now I’ll head to bed and hope for a quiet sleep without an urgent tap, tap, tap tapping in my brain.

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