Do you put your clothes away? Do you take them out of the laundry, fold/hang them, whatever?

Yeah, totally, me too. 😶

When they first come out of the laundry at least.

But once I’ve worn certain items I always put them aside to wear again. Jeans, shirts, blazers all can be worn more than once before needing to be laundered. Assuming I haven’t spilled food/coffee down my shirt or gotten sweaty while having had to run away from a bear.

For the last few years I’ve had an old love seat sitting in my closet on which clothes lived. It is just far more convenient than say a drawer or shelf, well a shelf would be fine but my closet didn’t have those hence I could fit a loveseat in there.

I removed the loveseat today, part of the process of changing up the room. I would like to make it into an office/dressing room and generally minimize the stuff that has accumulated in there.

During this transformation though, where am I supposed to put my clothes? I can’t just keep using the loveseat which is currently in the living room, I’m not some college student living in a one room apartment. Though living in a mostly open concept house has many of the same issues, the biggest being creating useful storage.

I don’t know why I decide to start these types of projects during tax season. Do I not think I have enough on my plate? Do I think I need to be as busy at home as I am at work? Probably something to do with exerting control in a time when it feels a little out of control.

Still, now I’ve forced myself to deal with this problem. I am going to have to figure this new space out, or it will drive me mental every time I go into the room, which is every day.

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