Redecorate, Reorganize, Renovate!

Handy drawing of the space I need to redo!

8′ x 22′? Who builds a space like this? How is it a useful addition? Especially when you then add a wall to split the room into 8′ and 14′!?

Plus in that 8’x8′ room you also need a path to exit onto the deck, so you actually only get 8’x4′ of usable space, hence that is where the laundry lives.

Did I mention that the ceiling also slants from 8′ high down to 6′ at the outside wall? Which makes putting shelves difficult unless you like them to get smaller as they move across the wall.

Ever since I bought my house this space has caused trouble. First it was a spare room, mainly storage, but never fully useful. Then when I removed all the interior walls it became my bedroom and it definitely was not an ideal use for such a strangely sized room, a queen size bed just fit with enough room to edge around it. The “closet”, is likely an opening from the original house because it’s never had doors on it and is wider than your average closet space. Now that I’ve added the addition, with my new lovely big bedroom, this has become my storage/closet again but in a disorganized, “just put it in the back room” way, which I hate.

Basically, this room has never found its purpose, but removing the loveseat on the weekend gave me space to rearrange, my closet organizers will go back in the closet, where the loveseat resided. Some arm chairs from the living room will move back in here. I have to find a storage ottoman to replace the loveseat, because where else will I throw my clothes?

Also I think the wall between the two spaces is definitely coming down, it makes more sense to have one big space. A big space that can be a dressing room with my wardrobe as well as an office space so I can set up my laptop and be able to work from home more comfortably.

Thoughts? Print the picture, doodle ideas on it. Help me transform this space into something more useful and enjoyable.


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