Emotion Or Passion

In conversation with friends this evening I was talking about my counseling and my one friend asked if I ever got emotional during the sessions. I wasn’t sure how to answer at first, so I tried to get clarification. Did they mean talking about emotional issues? Nope, they meant, did I ever cry during the sessions?

I paused for a moment, at which point they continued saying because you just aren’t an emotional person.

My other friend and I looked at each other then at the same time said we’d consider me to be emotional. I added that yes sometimes I cry. Then the conversation changed to a new topic.

It got me thinking though, am I emotional? At the time I was thinking yes, but on reflection perhaps it isn’t that I’m emotional, I’m passionate.

Maybe it is because I live on the hot-tempered, angry, venting side of the emotional spectrum, rather than the crying portion. I experience sadness but I generally am not going to cry regarding my feelings. I feel much more inclined to release fire than water.

I don’t get upset about feelings so that might make me less emotional, but I get upset about illogical things or stupidity, which brings out a passionate response.

My emotional centre feels more like a volcano, everything boils under the surface until I erupt, but when I’m done there is a new layer of protection and I go back to simmering.

My friend who asked though is the crying type, cries when they’re sad, happy, or angry. Their tear ducts are directly connected to their emotional centre more like an ever-flowing waterfall, to them crying is closely linked to emotion.

To them, I’m not emotional because I don’t express it in the same way they do, but to someone who acts similarly, like my other friend, it was ridiculous to think I wasn’t.

It was an instance of people viewing things from different perspectives; it all depends on your context.

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