Just Another Tuesday

I’m bored.

With what you may ask?

With everything I would answer.

You would think, that is not possible, there is so much in the universe, how could one possibly get bored of everything?

It’s like this, once you are a little bored with one thing, you start to become bored with all the other things. Everything starts to lose its shine, even things that were once upon a time interesting or entertaining.

You don’t mean to become bored, or perhaps even boring yourself, but bit by bit the ennui sets in and begins festering deep within your soul.

People become less interesting, overexposed or even just eventually disappear.

Activities take up time and energy you don’t have until you just stop doing them in an attempt to save that time/energy for something more useful or that at least pays the bills. This is of course not where you want to spend said savings, but you’ve been tricked into playing the neverending game of “life” so you don’t have a choice. This too is boring.

Now you are left with nothing but sleep, which has never been particularly exciting, but it is a nice distraction from the boredom, only you can’t sleep because your brain is constantly worrying about how well you are performing in that boring life game.

It is all just tedium, and repetition and you yearn for something, anything to shake it all up.

The universe though is really busy, because billions of other people feel the same way and it doesn’t have time to redirect some creativity your way to help break the cycle.

Thus you are left writing on a website that few will read, but it gets the words out of your head so that maybe they won’t spin round and round and round, keeping you awake all night.

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