I have tried to write a post this month on numerous occasions. I open the window, stare at the blank page, get distracted by something, try to refocus, stare some more at the screen but eventually abandon the effort closing the window.

Is it because I don’t have anything to say? No. I could probably write many things but they don’t necessarily need to be written.

If you know me, you might already know anything I would write about, if not sure it might be interesting to you or it might be pointless words on a page.

I err on the side of ‘this doesn’t need to be written’ every time, which makes it difficult to write.

Sure I could use some random writing prompt to help me write some random words but they are usually so generic that I can’t even bring myself to try to answer the banal queries.

Instead you get this, whatever this is.

But it’s better than me answering ‘What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life?‘, right? Right.

I mean if you want me to just start using random prompts to entertain you then let me know, but until then you’ll just get my own random ramblings or photos or maybe nothing if no inspiration strikes. It’s like paying the lottery, odds are you’ll be disappointed. 😉

FYI that daily habit would be drinking coffee, because coffee is delicious and good coffee makes life better. ☕

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