As I just typed in a message to, well possibly the only person who will read this, committing yourself to write something creative every day is difficult, especially when your life isn’t terribly exciting.

It is possible that choosing to do so in the midst of a pandemic when you have no desire to go outside where the germs and the people are is not ideal timing.

You could just go outside, you say.

I could, I respond, but outside is where I take pictures and that really only helps a little bit.

Life, and by association, exciting or creative writing topics generally are only found by interacting with people and places.

Make something up, you say.

Fiction? I ask, but is that what you are wanting to read about? Should I just start making up stories? Are stories more interesting than my observations on life, or lack thereof? I suppose that is something I can try. Interspersed between photos and random thoughts.

I do have a lot of days to fill space – my timing could have been better. I don’t know if one can exactly place a restriction like time on creativity. I type having assigned myself the task of daily creation.

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  1. You weave said observations into the fiction which is used to fill the spaces left supposedly wanting by too much time and not enough timing.

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