Know Better

We all know better. We make decisions that we know we’ll regret. Some are small, eating that food that we know will upset our stomach, but it is tasty so we take the chance. Some are big, staying in a job/relationship/scenario that isn’t good for us.

Our reasons vary, from laziness to fear, comfort to security. We tell ourselves “Next time…”. Then next time comes and we make the same decision.

Eventually, once we’ve suffered enough, we’ll probably make the right decision and stick with it, but for some reason, it usually takes us the mistakes before we learn.

Then once we’ve learned the lesson, we want to impress that same knowledge onto others. Given the ability to see the mistake we want to prevent others from that suffering. Noble. Alas, that isn’t how we humans seem to work. We don’t want someone else to tell us we are wrong, we want to keep making mistakes until we reach our own epiphany.

Would we be better if we listened? Probably not, there is value in the lessons, if we accept them.

What should you have known better about today? Me? I should have known better than to eat _____, fill in the blank with almost any food. Did you think it would be more world-changing? Not today, remember my life is a little boring, it lacks the drama that creates many of our opportunities for lessons/mistakes. Next time…

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