Year 43: Day One

A new year; a new decade of life; a new season of the year. These are often the mile markers that so many like to use to decide to implement improvements in their lives. As if they have some special power that will help to foster the hoped-for changes. Surely to some extent, it can provide a starting point, but in reality, change will only happen when it wants to when the circumstances are just right. Change is nothing if not fickle, definitely friends with Fate and Chaos.

We want good things to happen to us, try manifesting them out of thin air. Often we focus too closely on creating the perfect vision of our lives that we don’t see the big changes that are about to hit us from another direction.

The past couple of years dealt several blows collectively to the world and personally. Watching friends and family, strangers even, deal with all manner of complications to their lives creates a miasma of emotions. Dealing with personal crises, family crises, work crises, world crises, can all be more than we’re prepared for – especially when they are all happening at the same time.

This is when we start looking for those changes we can control. Start meditating hoping it will calm the mind, create clarity in all the emotions. Exercise the body to spend excess or unwanted emotions. Take on a new hobby or read new books to broaden horizons. Shout at the void that is the internet through social media. Does any of it work? Controlling our narrative, our thoughts, our body? Perhaps, because some measure of control is at the very least a balm. Control makes that simplicity of the familiar bearable.

When we start questioning that is when we start to spiral out of control. Questioning the why, how and what of life, comparing to determine needed or unneeded changes. Unfortunately, the world tends to have too little transparency when we need it and too much opaqueness when we don’t – curated for presentation – making it hard to know where we truly stand in life. A constant balancing act to find control in our bit of universe.

This may be the start of a new year chronologically, insignificant in the everyday-ness of it, but important in that we are here to count it. To contemplate and try to express in words the chaos that has been and will be. To sound as pretentious as ever but to mean every word of it.

Today is day one of putting little thoughts here. Day one of trying to focus the mind on something other than surviving from one day to the next – emotionally and physically. Day one of remembering the things we used to enjoy. Day one of making a little change that may or may not survive past this night, but maybe it can echo until a new change occurs, one that Fate and Chaos approve of as well.

Day one of Year 43.