Losing…whatever was left

Right about now a trip to an isolated room where the walls are protected, someone will dose me with drugs until I am disassociated, and no one expects anything of me, is sounding pretty good.

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Morning Clouds

Five minutes after I took this photo the clouds descended upon us to become a dense fog that stuck around for most of the day – West Coast weather basically changes when you blink.

Two Plus Hours

That is how long I’ve been staring at a blank post here.

It isn’t that I don’t feel like writing; it is more my brain is too overwhelmed of late to really focus long enough to expound something intelligent.

I can barely keep the day of the week straight from one hour to the next, checking my phone to make sure I am in the correct place for the time and day. Double checking that I haven’t missed a meeting that I have forgotten I made.

I am totally cognizant of the disconnect going on, but since its source is the current insanity of my personal life, I am incapable of really fixing the issue.

I previously wrote about stress and none of those things causing me stress are gone. In fact, I think they may have multiplied when I closed my eyes to get five minutes of sleep.

Basically, my current state is an exhausted, discombobulated, worried sloth, who is very slowly going to go collapse into bed.

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Belated Cheer

December, in general, tends to be a busy month, it is also an expensive month, and this means it is not an ideal month for birthdays. In particular, ones that happen during the week or so around Christmas*.

There is this strange occurrence that happens when your birthday falls around Christmas with regards to gifts. People either give joint gifts (“Happy Birthday/Christmas!”) or go out of their way to ensure you have birthday and Christmas gifts (very thoughtful). Since everyone is so busy during this time though you also often get belated gifts.

I enjoy the belated gifts. Not because it extends my birthday beyond just the day, I don’t need a week of being spoiled. No, I enjoy belated gifts because sometimes those gifts arrive when other things in your life are just really messy and they are a little bright spot in the darkness.

Plus sometimes the gifts come with cake. 🙂

*Assuming you celebrate Christmas, though I am sure the same is true for anyone who has a birthday near a holiday they celebrate.

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That’s me right now, grumpy.

Life is making me grumpy.

Work is making me grumpy.

The grump is making me grumpy.

Grump is an irritating self-perpetuating cycle.

I know I said a few days ago I was trying to focus on the good things, but today is a grump day. Sometimes you just have to let the grump do its thing so hopefully, the next day is less grumpy.

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Little Things

Life is extra stressful right now, so I am trying to be glad for simple pleasures.

Today it was that Stargate, a movie I quite enjoy, was available on Prime (usually it isn’t available for streaming).

Tomorrow who knows, I’ll start with getting to sleep in.

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Niece puppy, Lucy, turned 1 the other day. We are celebrating tonight in our usual fashion of chilling on the couch. 💜

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First World Problem

Someone show me a backup camera that is located such that this is not the image you see when there is a light mist.
I wiped the camera clean less than 20 minutes prior to this photo.
Does any company make a useful camera? By useful I mean one that provides a clear picture. I don’t need the camera to back up my vehicle, but it is of course a nice feature.
Does the rear safety warning that tells you there is someone/thing behind you require the camera?
Bizarrely, when the camera would be most useful is when it is generally useless. Makes me glad I learned to drive before technology was so imbedded into vehicles.