Wind Down

This is the exceedingly exhausting part of my year. From mid January to some time in the June (if I’m lucky – last two years not so much) work is 200% all the time. Deadlines are around every corner. Clients are on every phone call or email. Did I drink any? Did I go to the bathroom? Basically, busy.

By the time I get home all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and shut off my brain for a while.

My go to? Murder mystery television. Generally NOT from North America. Britain, Iceland, New Zealand, France, absolutely. Subtitles, if I’m not too bleary-eyed, why not. Modern or historical, supernatural or dark comedy, if there is a murder to solve I’ll watch it (except for true crime – nope, put it over with the North American stuff for someone else to watch).

What do you watch to wind down?


Lately, when I crawl into bed at night I find myself thinking: Didn’t I just wake up?

An entire workday has passed and I know I’m exhausted but still, it feels like I should be staying up longer as if there is more to do.

It may be the lack of accomplishment I feel during tax season, that feeling of finishing things only to have more work seemingly pile up on the corner of my desk, the floor or my inbox.

I start watching the end of the month creep up with a feeling of dread. This is especially true in February when there are corporate deadlines, tax slip deadlines, over-eager clients and you know life-related things too.

In the back of my mind, I can remember that this feeling comes every year and I try to breathe through the panic by knowing I will meet all my deadlines. Still, there is a little voice wondering if this year will be different if this year I’ll buckle under the strain.

I have no idea, but every night I crawl into bed thinking about the things I didn’t accomplish during the day and how they’ll be waiting when I tumble back out of bed.

Comfy bed, where there is sleeping (when insomnia leaves me alone) and dreaming (when they aren’t about waking stresses). In bed time can seem endless or too brief, can be hours of tossing or just seconds in a dream that feels like days.

I’d like to just stay in bed, not have to emerge from my comfort to go back to all the work, but I can’t. Things to do.

Instead I will wake up and wonder why the morning has arrived so early and find myself thinking: Didn’t I just go to bed?


I think I’m going to require more February, did anyone happen to pick up extra this year?

It was on the list…

Maybe someone stored some away just in case?

No? Did you check at the back?

Well, maybe we could use some leftover November, no one seems to need all of that month.

It what? Expired?! Dammit.

In that case does anyone have a machine to clone people?

Or maybe a holiday hermitage I could go hide out in until say… The end of tax season…2032?