One More Day

Until what you ask?

Until I can chew some food!

Sometimes I make decisions I question. For instance, I decided to use a juice cleanse as a precursor to an elimination diet.

I’ve learned things.

I like carbs and it’s more fun if you get to chew said carbs, say yummy bread.

I also learned that there are more fruits and vegetables that I’m allergic to than I first thought and I should avoid eating most vegetables raw.

Not new information exactly, but I went for a week without caffeine (not the first time) and didn’t care, though I remembered that I love coffee and black tea and should never be parted from them.

Also not new information, I hate dealing with food. Thinking about starting to add foods back into my diet one by one to determine if they make me feel gross, is stressing me out. I start over thinking it all. I much prefer if other people figure the whole meal thing out and I just get to eat. (Pretty sure the first thing I’d do if I was a incredibly wealthy would be to hire a personal chef).

Tomorrow is the last day of liquid only. I’m trying to determine how to go about introducing food again, because it is a slippery slope from ‘I’ll just grab my usual at the coffee shop’ to ‘screw it – better happy than grocery shopping – what’s on Skip The Dishes?’.

Plus there is the question of how my stomach will cope with food again after a week of only juice & smoothies. I’m hoping for the best, but it is all about the choices.

In reality I’d really love a pizza tomorrow for dinner but that might be too many food groups at once, so chicken/broccoli/rice will be the less decadent and practical choice.

I really am looking forward to substantial food again. My teeth just feel lazy right now. One more day though and I can eat some toast with tea. 🤤

Buzzing Brain

My head is noisy at the best of times. Work noise, life noise, worry noise, pointless noise.

If I’m lucky I can quiet it down for a bit. Distract it with music, TV, a book, even an interesting file at work.

If I’m not so lucky my brain starts swirling about from thought to thought. One thing will remind me of another and off it goes until I’ve forgotten what I was trying to determine in the first place.

That was the case today when I was supposed to be relaxing, as needles placed by the acupuncturist to “calm my mind” were not expecting my buzzing brain.

From reno projects, to work deadlines, to questions/worry about the state of the world, today brain was having none of the calm.

Now that it is time for bed I am hoping that it got most of its chaotic thoughts out, maybe then the needles placed to encourage better sleep will not have been a wasted effort.

Maybe I can go to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed (odd concept, rarely happens) because a refreshed brain is much better at handling a buzzing brain that is worrying about the state of…well, everything.


Did you tell Tuesday what I said about Monday?

Are you sure? Because it sure acted like it wanted some extra attention today.

I hope it didn’t let the rest of them know, I was really looking forward to a short week.

Filled with the stress of month end, during the start of tax season.

Hahahah, don’t be surprised if the next few months are just pictures of dogs. 😉

Motivation Monday

To follow will not be a list of quotes designed to inspire you to better yourself, there will not be a list of suggestions on how to make your life easier, neither will there be an explanation of the best ways to set affirmation or intentions.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss how Monday has become the worst day of the week, except for the exception of long weekend Mondays, which everyone loves.

Monday is like any other day of the week, minding it’s own business until its shift in the week. It isn’t sitting around plotting ways to ruin the start of a perfectly normal workweek. For some it isn’t even the first day of their week, weirdly some people do not work Monday to Friday, 9-5, for now, we’ll focus on those that do.

Those of us who dread that first day back after the weekend, wondering why there is never enough time off, why we have to return to the office so soon. We are the ones causing Monday to lose its appeal, we’ve whinged it into a bad day.

Monday probably needs motivational lists, quotes, and affirmations of its own to convince itself to show up. Then it does and everyone starts griping about what a horrible day Monday is and why can’t it be more like Friday.

Today, on this long weekend Monday, just throw a little extra love towards Monday. Show it that you appreciate it, even though generally speaking it is the day on which every one likes to become the irritation of everyone else.

It’s okay Monday, you always have long weekends! You’re awesome just the way you are and your intention for the week is to be nicer to yourself, because you know next time it’s your shift we’re all going to complain again.


Last night, actually very early this morning I had a one of those vivid dreams that occurs right before you are about to wake up.

Do you have those? I often find those dreams that happen when I half wake and realize I have time before my alarm goes off to snooze a bit more, tend to be short but intense.

They often contain recurring themes too. One of these themes is needing to use the bathroom to get ready for the day but being unable to do so due to a variety factors. I think this is my brain trying to remind me that I can’t just fall back to sleep because it is time to get up and go to work, or perhaps my subconscious could be trying to relay important messages.

Whatever the reasons, the recurring themes leave an impression.

This morning, it was bugs. I pulled back the shower curtain and there were bugs all over the bottom of the bathtub. Even now my brain can still see them crawling over each other. Ick.

In the dream I immediately turned on the water and tried to wash them down the drain. In the midst of doing so I kept thinking they weren’t disappearing fast enough, there was no way of have time to get rid of all of them in time to have a shower and get to work.

As a person who hates being late, this aspect of the dreams irks me almost as much as the bugs that refused to be drowned for my hygiene.

If there are meant to be deep meanings behind these types of recurring dreams my subconscious should pay more attention it’s audience, maybe then it would realize that the message world come across better if it didn’t pick such icky and annoying metaphors for its cryptic clues.

Wind Down

This is the exceedingly exhausting part of my year. From mid January to some time in the June (if I’m lucky – last two years not so much) work is 200% all the time. Deadlines are around every corner. Clients are on every phone call or email. Did I drink any? Did I go to the bathroom? Basically, busy.

By the time I get home all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and shut off my brain for a while.

My go to? Murder mystery television. Generally NOT from North America. Britain, Iceland, New Zealand, France, absolutely. Subtitles, if I’m not too bleary-eyed, why not. Modern or historical, supernatural or dark comedy, if there is a murder to solve I’ll watch it (except for true crime – nope, put it over with the North American stuff for someone else to watch).

What do you watch to wind down?


This topic has been coming up a lot. My allergies, today we dealt with puppy allergies for added fun.

My own allergies have always been seasonal but I think as I’m getting older I’m developing new food related ones.

I am not pleased eating is hard for me anyway, most vegetables make my mouth start to go numb, a number of fruits too. Current symptoms seem to be the result of dairy (well fake dairy, I about regular dairy) or sugar or bread.

Umm, does that even leave me with a good group? Water? That isn’t a for group, but it seems to be the only thing that doesn’t bother me, except when it interacts with other food issues and then it is a problem.

What can I eat? Air? Not a food.

I need a pill that I can take once a day that covers all necessary dietary requirements. Why do we but have this yet? Or do we but it was suppressed by the food and restaurant industries? I mean other people can still eat for fun – don’t penalize those of us for whom eating is a hassle/chore/unpleasant experience by forcing us to consume things that don’t agree with us.

I’m going to go have some air and water as a snack before bed. Nom Nom Nom.