She looks all cute, but as soon as I want to go to sleep she turns from Lucy into Lucifer, then starts tearing around the house annoyed when I don’t let her outside at 10:30pm to play with the neighbourhood nocturnal animals. 🤦‍♀️

First World Problem

Someone show me a backup camera that is located such that this is not the image you see when there is a light mist.
I wiped the camera clean less than 20 minutes prior to this photo.
Does any company make a useful camera? By useful I mean one that provides a clear picture. I don’t need the camera to back up my vehicle, but it is of course a nice feature.
Does the rear safety warning that tells you there is someone/thing behind you require the camera?
Bizarrely, when the camera would be most useful is when it is generally useless. Makes me glad I learned to drive before technology was so imbedded into vehicles.

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