I got to eat(chew?) some food, and as you may have guessed it was not as exciting as I would have wanted.

It wasn’t like I started with my favourite meal or anything, even choosing what I thought were bland foods, but I seem to be allergic to at least one of the things.

I assumed I would discover that a few of my favourite foods would cause issues (and some of my least favorite, which isn’t too bad), but to have it happen with the first food I ate was disappointing.

I’m still hoping I’ll find that some of the things I enjoy weren’t contributing to my issues, but clearly I have to start with an even simpler diet than I thought.

I’ll grab a latte with toast tomorrow morning (that is one of my favourites) and hope for the best .

One More Day

Until what you ask?

Until I can chew some food!

Sometimes I make decisions I question. For instance, I decided to use a juice cleanse as a precursor to an elimination diet.

I’ve learned things.

I like carbs and it’s more fun if you get to chew said carbs, say yummy bread.

I also learned that there are more fruits and vegetables that I’m allergic to than I first thought and I should avoid eating most vegetables raw.

Not new information exactly, but I went for a week without caffeine (not the first time) and didn’t care, though I remembered that I love coffee and black tea and should never be parted from them.

Also not new information, I hate dealing with food. Thinking about starting to add foods back into my diet one by one to determine if they make me feel gross, is stressing me out. I start over thinking it all. I much prefer if other people figure the whole meal thing out and I just get to eat. (Pretty sure the first thing I’d do if I was a incredibly wealthy would be to hire a personal chef).

Tomorrow is the last day of liquid only. I’m trying to determine how to go about introducing food again, because it is a slippery slope from ‘I’ll just grab my usual at the coffee shop’ to ‘screw it – better happy than grocery shopping – what’s on Skip The Dishes?’.

Plus there is the question of how my stomach will cope with food again after a week of only juice & smoothies. I’m hoping for the best, but it is all about the choices.

In reality I’d really love a pizza tomorrow for dinner but that might be too many food groups at once, so chicken/broccoli/rice will be the less decadent and practical choice.

I really am looking forward to substantial food again. My teeth just feel lazy right now. One more day though and I can eat some toast with tea. 🤤


This topic has been coming up a lot. My allergies, today we dealt with puppy allergies for added fun.

My own allergies have always been seasonal but I think as I’m getting older I’m developing new food related ones.

I am not pleased eating is hard for me anyway, most vegetables make my mouth start to go numb, a number of fruits too. Current symptoms seem to be the result of dairy (well fake dairy, I about regular dairy) or sugar or bread.

Umm, does that even leave me with a good group? Water? That isn’t a for group, but it seems to be the only thing that doesn’t bother me, except when it interacts with other food issues and then it is a problem.

What can I eat? Air? Not a food.

I need a pill that I can take once a day that covers all necessary dietary requirements. Why do we but have this yet? Or do we but it was suppressed by the food and restaurant industries? I mean other people can still eat for fun – don’t penalize those of us for whom eating is a hassle/chore/unpleasant experience by forcing us to consume things that don’t agree with us.

I’m going to go have some air and water as a snack before bed. Nom Nom Nom.