Is there something about getting older that makes you more susceptible to irritation?

I’ve always had limited patience with certain things, people with no common sense, bad drivers, etc., but looking back on the last few years I’ve noticed my patience is almost non-existent.

Irritation with everything is more normal than patience over a few things. It’s as if the scales have tipped.

Do all those little annoyances just pile up on their side of the scale until there is no way for the other side to balance?

Had I known I would have tried to be less annoyed earlier in life; added more of those easy moments of patience to the tray.

Instead here I am only half way through life and I’m pretty sure at this rate the scale is just going to break, burying me under a pile of grumps.

If you see me trying to buy a rocking chair for my front porch to comfortably yell at passersby, please try to distract me with a cute puppy until I’ve forgotten how comfy it would be to sit out there under a quilt like a crazy lady.


We all have strange little habits, ones that we don’t always notice but then when we do, have us asking: Am I the only person who does this?

For instance I am conditioned to be polite. I’ll be alone in a room and burp/sneeze/whatever, then excuse myself, to no one (or maybe just to the ghost that lives in my house). It is automatic.

Sometimes it’s as if I’m apologizing for inconveniencing, myself? Was I bothered by it in the first place? Nope, but it doesn’t stop me, even when I realize, I’ll do it again.

I bump into walls then find myself saying ‘ow!’, despite it not actually being painful. Annoying sure, but for some reason my brain thinks bumping into anything might cause pain so it decides we better say it just in case.

Obviously there are worse things than conditioned politeness or pointless exclamations, but it is a reminder how easily our brains can be conditioned. How we can train our brains to ignore things they shouldn’t. Yet it is important to notice our oddities so they can maybe help us notice other things that are detrimental to our wellbeing.

That being said I still can’t train my brain to crave salad over chips, so I will probably go on chatting with the ghost or multidimensional beings I interrupt with a sneezing fit while eating a bag of chips. Personal growth takes time, maybe in my next life I’ll figure it out.

Sunday Song – On Topic If Weird Edition

I spent most of the day watching TV and doing laundry. Why does laundry take forever?

Most of this song doesn’t apply to me, but it is both weird and catchy, I didn’t think kids cared enough about laundry to have songs aimed at them, and yet here we are.

The Moon

Whenever the Moon is out I notice that I chat to it.

Walk past a window, look up to see it, say hello.

Do many people do this?

Does it bother the Moon how chatty people get?

When it is full and more visible do a whole lot more people chat at it?

Is it sitting up in space thinking ‘I wish the Earth had a little more cloud cover tonight, I’m not in a listening mood.’

It must be exhausting listening to earthlings ask it for things, as they try to absorb its energy for new beginnings.

I really think we put too much pressure on the Moon.

Then again, I might just be a little bit strange and the only one who tries to be polite when they see the Moon up above.