Sunday Song – Italian Edition

I’ve been watching a show set in Italy which obviously has lovely music it in, even though I do not speak Italian I still enjoy the music. Of course a song can be in your native tongue and you could totally misunderstand the lyrics or you could feel something completely unintentional and utterly different from the person sitting next to you also listening.

That is one of the wonderful things about music, it doesn’t require you to understand the lyrics to be moved by it. You may or may not be moved the way the song intends, but the fact that music moves us at all is the whole point, isn’t it? A universal language.

Sunday Song – Eternal Legacies

I sometimes think about how some music seems eternal, as if no matter how far into the future you went you’d still hear it in some form.

The Classical composers seem to be like that, they created such depth in their music that centuries later we remix it and continue playing it.

Will music from these last decades ever really last in the same way? It’s hard to think it will have the same impact. All music inspires others to create more music but that doesn’t necessarily translate to an eternal legacy does it?

What music will we still be listening to 500 or 1,000 years from now?

Sunday Song – First Easter Edition

Not what you were expecting from the title? I wouldn’t really know what song was playing my first Easter, but this song was #1 on Billboard’s charts at the time and I do have an affinity for Pink Floyd, make of it what you will.

Though I obviously didn’t discover this song until I was much older, but maybe baby me heard it on a radio while laying about staring at the ceiling and contemplating existentialism.

Sunday Song – Folksy Indie Edition

I’ve been using SoundHound for ages to quickly figure out that catchy song playing near me.

My original search history was reset when I switched phones in 2013, but this was the first song I searched for when I reloaded the app in June that year.

I’ve discovered many of my favourite songs and artists using the app*, including songs like this which, despite my eclectic taste, I probably wouldn’t have otherwise come across.

*Shout out as well to the fantastic music editors of the TV shows & movies, who selected many of those songs.

Sunday Song – R&B/Pop/Funk Edition

I have a hard time putting music into categories unless it is obvious, and sometimes the best stuff isn’t just one category it is fusing different genres into something new and different, hence today’s edition title.

Sunday Song – Headache Edition

Sometimes when a bad headache hits I can’t listen to anything, I just want painkillers and bed. When it isn’t a killer migraine though I have my playlists that I’ll listen to while trying to focus on breathing (and not clenching my teeth). This song and it’s related album are on that list.