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  • November 2023

    This has been an absolutely exhausting month (on top of a year of irritating months). It started with my being disappointed by someone who I thought was a better person than they turned out to be. They took a multi-year professional relationship and made a number of decisions leading to its destruction, while also making…

  • Happy Hallowe’en

    October has been another crazy month, in an already chaotic year. I’m just waiting for this year to be over to hopefully start the next one with a fresh outlook since there are some changes happening starting in November which I’m hoping are for the best.

  • Tuesday

    Did you tell Tuesday what I said about Monday? Are you sure? Because it sure acted like it wanted some extra attention today. I hope it didn’t let the rest of them know, I was really looking forward to a short week. Filled with the stress of month end, during the start of tax season.…