If you are here odds are you know me, you know someone who knows me or well frankly, you’re lost.

There isn’t too much to really know about me but here are the basics:

  • Likalia; Aimee; Trip; I answer to them all
  • Adult woman
  • Old soul, meaning tired & unwilling to put up with crap
  • “Photographer” – in a non-professional, personal view of the world type of way
  • Long ago I wanted to be a writer, but then I realized it would be unlikely to pay the bills, sometimes I still dabble
  • January to June is what I call Exhaustion or #TaxSeasonFatigue
  • There will always be music playing around me
  • TV/Movies – way too many streamed
  • Books – waiting to be read – see above points for clues why they aren’t yet

I doubt you need anything else at this point, but should you have a question ask. Just make sure you do so using full sentences and proper grammar.