Sunday Song – Italian Edition

I’ve been watching a show set in Italy which obviously has lovely music it in, even though I do not speak Italian I still enjoy the music. Of course a song can be in your native tongue and you could totally misunderstand the lyrics or you could feel something completely unintentional and utterly different from the person sitting next to you also listening.

That is one of the wonderful things about music, it doesn’t require you to understand the lyrics to be moved by it. You may or may not be moved the way the song intends, but the fact that music moves us at all is the whole point, isn’t it? A universal language.

How To Have A Nervous Breakdown

Step one: take your entire life and just throw it into a blender.

Step two: pretend like everything is totally fine while moving closer and closer to the edge.

Step three: …

Actually, I don’t know – how do you have a nervous breakdown?

Is there a guide? Am I supposed to do certain things to accomplish this task? Is it a task, or is that the problem right there, that I just tried to figure out how to schedule my nervous breakdown?

That first step up there is how mine started though. Life + Blender = 🤯

Up until 2021, I think things had been going pretty well. Sure the whole global pandemic added a new element of ick to the world, but for the most part that was manageable – there were specific things I could do to protect myself (masks, vaccinations, extreme introverted isolation). Then 2021 rolled up with an industrial-strength blender.

When the only things you need to worry about taking care of are yourself, your job and a couple of house plants; life is pretty straightforward. Then suddenly the responsible adult, who has been sheltering you from all the family drama, passes away leaving you as the responsible adult and there is massive upheaval.

Work stresses that had been growing quietly suddenly become insurmountable, but you push on, white-knuckling through, trying to put all the family drama in little boxes and organize them so you can focus back on your own life. It is difficult though.

I can be judgemental, not because I want to be, but because sometimes I don’t understand why people can’t be pragmatic and do things…well…how I think they should be done. It isn’t that I think my way is best, it is more that no one can provide an alternative and if you can’t offer that, then what is wrong with my plan? It is frustrating dealing with people who are immovable. Unwilling to make changes, despite the fact that huge changes have already occurred and they need to adapt.

I take on too much because I have trust and control issues. I don’t know how people can just abandon family and go off and do their own things. That being said, I am getting very close to just selling everything I own, buying a camper and running away.

Back to the blender, 2021 came to a close, and I did run away for a little while, visited some friends and tried to turn off. It went okay, but in the back of my mind, I was still making lists of things I needed to do.

Then 2022 rolled up and took my blender beaten life and decided to see how much more damage it could do.

The least responsible person in my life died, leaving disaster in his wake. I wanted to go running to the farthest point I could find, knowing it was not going to go well. I didn’t. It didn’t.

I tried to focus on working and organizing the other people in my life as best I could with them being fairly adamant about nothing changing. I did not manage to do so.

For a long time, there has been a growing…rage? frustration? dread? in my life. It is hard to explain, other than to say that before I was content. Things weren’t perfect, show me someone whose life is and I will show you someone who is likely lying or in denial, but I was content.

During this tax season, my boss asked me how I was doing – if I was feeling too overwhelmed by work? We’d already reduced our client base by half and work was less stressful but at the same time, I had so many personal stressors that everything was bleeding together. I think a phone call came in and we didn’t have a chance to discuss it further, which was good because I didn’t know what I would say. There was a chance I would have just said, it’s fine and gone back to my office. Would it have been the truth? No, but what else can you say?

In the past, the way I could get through stress at work was by knowing that I had my personal life organized.

The last year and a half have taken that organization, which took years to achieve and destroyed it. I feel like I am constantly failing, that at any minute the entire thing, my life, is going to explode.

Is it too much? Probably. Have I been expecting too much of myself? Absolutely. Am I sitting here typing this on the verge of tears? Yup.

My body is in pain, and my mind is screaming. I want to disappear and not have to deal with this. I want to abandon everyone and if they fail, that is fine.

Except I can’t. And it isn’t.

There is no one to take my workload on.

There is no one who will step up and deal with the family members who are struggling.

There is no one to take care of me.

I hope I can find the balance but it is seeming impossible.

So I’m asking, how do you have a nervous breakdown?

How does the responsible person lose their mind?

How do I ensure that I don’t find myself surrounded by a rubble heap made up of my mind and my life?

Even typing this I don’t know if I want to publish it? Does everyone need to know that I’m not okay? Does that help? No. Will I publish anyway? If you are reading this, then yes, but not because I want you to help me. I don’t think anyone can help me (unless someone has a couple of million dollars they want to throw my way so I can run away).

You can probably commiserate with me though because we all have problems. Big – small – real – invented; sometimes the best way to deal with them is to just scream into the void and then go back to work.

That’s how I have a nervous breakdown. This time anyway.

Sunday Song – Eternal Legacies

I sometimes think about how some music seems eternal, as if no matter how far into the future you went you’d still hear it in some form.

The Classical composers seem to be like that, they created such depth in their music that centuries later we remix it and continue playing it.

Will music from these last decades ever really last in the same way? It’s hard to think it will have the same impact. All music inspires others to create more music but that doesn’t necessarily translate to an eternal legacy does it?

What music will we still be listening to 500 or 1,000 years from now?

Sunday Song – First Easter Edition

Not what you were expecting from the title? I wouldn’t really know what song was playing my first Easter, but this song was #1 on Billboard’s charts at the time and I do have an affinity for Pink Floyd, make of it what you will.

Though I obviously didn’t discover this song until I was much older, but maybe baby me heard it on a radio while laying about staring at the ceiling and contemplating existentialism.

Sunday Song – Folksy Indie Edition

I’ve been using SoundHound for ages to quickly figure out that catchy song playing near me.

My original search history was reset when I switched phones in 2013, but this was the first song I searched for when I reloaded the app in June that year.

I’ve discovered many of my favourite songs and artists using the app*, including songs like this which, despite my eclectic taste, I probably wouldn’t have otherwise come across.

*Shout out as well to the fantastic music editors of the TV shows & movies, who selected many of those songs.

Sleep Mode

One of the worst things we seem to have embraced in North American culture, is that being busy equates to success. I don’t like being busy, how can we enjoy life if we are working so hard just to be able to afford our lives.

That drive to be successful/busy in our lives tends to mean we have a hard time realizing that in reality, we are burning out.

Burnout looks like different things for different people. For some it is emotionally breaking down, losing your mind over the smallest thing because all the big things have worn you down. Others find that they need to withdraw from the world, feeling like it is constantly screaming at them to do things that they don’t have the time to accomplish.

For me, it is hitting a wall where my insomnia has sucked all the energy out of me and I’ve only just made it through the workweek.

I usually don’t realize that I’ve been hanging on by a thread of sanity until I try to do something small and note that it is exhausting. Then I will sit down to relax for a moment and wake up hours later.

This happened today, I woke up this morning feeling alright, I had gotten a little sleep(that is big for me) and I had plans to organize the back room.

I moved three things in the room, sat down to rest for a moment on the couch and woke up four hours later.

I am not a napper, I avoid napping in general since I have enough sleep issues without using up precious unconsciousness during the day.

I had no plan to nap, I was hoping I’d get a good portion of the backroom sorted out, but that didn’t stop my brain from turning everything off.

It sent out the message that it had some thinking to do and it wanted some dream time. So I spent four hours having very odd dreams as my brain worked on reorganizing itself for the week ahead – at least something got organized.

Recently, I’ve felt it more and more, the knawing exhaustion as the week wears on and the burnout takes hold. In the past, I would hunker down for the weekend with a pot of tea and a tv show, movie or book and it would be enough to get me through the next week. Lately, even when I am finding time to make a pot of tea, it doesn’t seem to help.

These days I am up and out of the house before 8 am, work all day and then I pick up my brother at 6 pm to take him home, which means I am not even walking back into my house until after 7 pm usually. After a day of working, I just don’t have the energy to deal with anything, family can be draining at the best of times but when I just want to get home to eat some dinner and try to wind down before bed it is too much.

As an introvert, I need that time at home to wind down before bed, but when I get home late I have less time to do so and it means I don’t sleep well. My brain spends the night chattering away and no matter how much I tell it to shut up, it doesn’t.

In some ways, I should be glad I had the opportunity to nap and dream today, though I’m a little worried that I’ll be too awake to sleep. Hopefully, my general exhaustion and burnout from the week will allow me to just crash when I hit the pillow and maybe my nap will help salve some of that burnt brain matter.

Redecorate, Reorganize, Renovate!

Handy drawing of the space I need to redo!

8′ x 22′? Who builds a space like this? How is it a useful addition? Especially when you then add a wall to split the room into 8′ and 14′!?

Plus in that 8’x8′ room you also need a path to exit onto the deck, so you actually only get 8’x4′ of usable space, hence that is where the laundry lives.

Did I mention that the ceiling also slants from 8′ high down to 6′ at the outside wall? Which makes putting shelves difficult unless you like them to get smaller as they move across the wall.

Ever since I bought my house this space has caused trouble. First it was a spare room, mainly storage, but never fully useful. Then when I removed all the interior walls it became my bedroom and it definitely was not an ideal use for such a strangely sized room, a queen size bed just fit with enough room to edge around it. The “closet”, is likely an opening from the original house because it’s never had doors on it and is wider than your average closet space. Now that I’ve added the addition, with my new lovely big bedroom, this has become my storage/closet again but in a disorganized, “just put it in the back room” way, which I hate.

Basically, this room has never found its purpose, but removing the loveseat on the weekend gave me space to rearrange, my closet organizers will go back in the closet, where the loveseat resided. Some arm chairs from the living room will move back in here. I have to find a storage ottoman to replace the loveseat, because where else will I throw my clothes?

Also I think the wall between the two spaces is definitely coming down, it makes more sense to have one big space. A big space that can be a dressing room with my wardrobe as well as an office space so I can set up my laptop and be able to work from home more comfortably.

Thoughts? Print the picture, doodle ideas on it. Help me transform this space into something more useful and enjoyable.


Do you put your clothes away? Do you take them out of the laundry, fold/hang them, whatever?

Yeah, totally, me too. 😶

When they first come out of the laundry at least.

But once I’ve worn certain items I always put them aside to wear again. Jeans, shirts, blazers all can be worn more than once before needing to be laundered. Assuming I haven’t spilled food/coffee down my shirt or gotten sweaty while having had to run away from a bear.

For the last few years I’ve had an old love seat sitting in my closet on which clothes lived. It is just far more convenient than say a drawer or shelf, well a shelf would be fine but my closet didn’t have those hence I could fit a loveseat in there.

I removed the loveseat today, part of the process of changing up the room. I would like to make it into an office/dressing room and generally minimize the stuff that has accumulated in there.

During this transformation though, where am I supposed to put my clothes? I can’t just keep using the loveseat which is currently in the living room, I’m not some college student living in a one room apartment. Though living in a mostly open concept house has many of the same issues, the biggest being creating useful storage.

I don’t know why I decide to start these types of projects during tax season. Do I not think I have enough on my plate? Do I think I need to be as busy at home as I am at work? Probably something to do with exerting control in a time when it feels a little out of control.

Still, now I’ve forced myself to deal with this problem. I am going to have to figure this new space out, or it will drive me mental every time I go into the room, which is every day.