Sunday Song – Headache Edition

Sometimes when a bad headache hits I can’t listen to anything, I just want painkillers and bed. When it isn’t a killer migraine though I have my playlists that I’ll listen to while trying to focus on breathing (and not clenching my teeth). This song and it’s related album are on that list.

Sunday Song – Sci-Fi Edition

It’s interesting how some songs become embedded in our minds in a way they were never originally intended. There are people that only know this piece because of 2001: A Space Odyssey, or perhaps some usage in another movie or commercial.

Probably not what Strauss* was planning when he composed it, but being used as the background music in so many productions likely introduced people to this and hopefully other classical music as well.

This is one of my favorite things about movie and television, discovering new music, hearing something play in the background then figuring out what it is, who is playing it, what else they have performed.

What song do you mainly associate with a movie, TV show or the like? Regardless of whether that was how you first were exposed to it, for instance I don’t know this piece because of 2001 (I don’t think I’ve even seen the film all the way through, please don’t revoke my nerd card), for me it was included on a classical compilation I owned growing up, likely included because of its use in the 1968 film though. See what I mean, the intersection of art forms expands all art (that sounded unintentionally overly deep and meaningful 🤦‍♀️, sorry).

It’s Sunday – Go listen to some music!

*The entire Also Sprach Zarathustra tone poem is worth a listen if you have about 30 minutes to spare and enjoy orchestral music.