Sunday Song – Headache Edition

Sometimes when a bad headache hits I can’t listen to anything, I just want painkillers and bed. When it isn’t a killer migraine though I have my playlists that I’ll listen to while trying to focus on breathing (and not clenching my teeth). This song and it’s related album are on that list.

West Coast Life

There aren’t many reasons to complain about living on the West Coast, it is a beautiful place to live.

One thing that is not ideal is the drastic changes in weather, it is a minor inconvenience most of the time but if, like me, you suffer from weather related headaches it is the worst.

One minute sunny then a shift to rain then back really plays havoc with one’s head.

Today is definitely one of those days. My head had been aching and I wouldn’t even need windows to know what the weather has been up to.