The Bunny

Don’t trust the Bunny, look at that face! Clearly Bunny is hiding something. Those flowers are not organic & Bunny may try to stab you with a carrot when you aren’t looking!*

*yeah, I am crazy and it’s only Wednesday

Ways To Keep Me Up Past Bedtime

  • Extreme weather TV shows (documentary)
  • Extreme weather movies

Started watching a TV show about extreme storm chasers, two hours past when I was going to head to bed and I’m still watching. Oh well, maybe if I stay up late enough I’ll be tired enough to sleep tonight. Instead of last night when I tossed for hours.

West Coast Life

There aren’t many reasons to complain about living on the West Coast, it is a beautiful place to live.

One thing that is not ideal is the drastic changes in weather, it is a minor inconvenience most of the time but if, like me, you suffer from weather related headaches it is the worst.

One minute sunny then a shift to rain then back really plays havoc with one’s head.

Today is definitely one of those days. My head had been aching and I wouldn’t even need windows to know what the weather has been up to.