Out of Office

I booked a holiday.

No, I booked a trip. It is a holiday for me, but since it isn’t to a tropical or foreign destination and I won’t be staying in hotels or doing touristy things I assume most people wouldn’t call it a holiday exactly.

I am going to go visit friends. I am going to not work for more than just a weekend. Maybe that is a better explanation, I am taking time off work, setting my out-of-office notification and going out of town.

The out-of-town part is important, because yes, I could take time off work here at home but at home, all the stresses of daily life are still there. You can see the projects around the house that you want to get done, you can make to-do lists and busy yourself. Going out of town means getting away from the stresses.

All of those stresses will still be here when I get back, no magic elves will come while I am away to make them disappear, unfortunately, but a break from them will do me some good.

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