Knock Knock

This is not the start of a joke.

This is the sound that seems to be waking me from sleep, or dreams I guess, in a reoccurring and sporadic manner.

From a deep sleep I will suddenly be woken up as if someone has just knocked on something very near to me.

There is no one there.

Yet I distinctly heard a knocking.

The first few times freaked me out, I thought someone was at the door in the middle of the night. Now that it has happened a few times I seem to be realizing it is just my subconscious and I calmly try to fall back to sleep (once my heart rate returns to normal – it is still a sudden loud rapping noise.)

I’d love to know what it means is my subconscious trying to get my attention? If so why? Must it be so cryptic? That’s not helpful.

I’ve started to write down the date and time that I’m abruptly pulled from sleep, maybe there is a pattern I can find, but I need more data points first.

For now I’ll head to bed and hope for a quiet sleep without an urgent tap, tap, tap tapping in my brain.


Last night, actually very early this morning I had a one of those vivid dreams that occurs right before you are about to wake up.

Do you have those? I often find those dreams that happen when I half wake and realize I have time before my alarm goes off to snooze a bit more, tend to be short but intense.

They often contain recurring themes too. One of these themes is needing to use the bathroom to get ready for the day but being unable to do so due to a variety factors. I think this is my brain trying to remind me that I can’t just fall back to sleep because it is time to get up and go to work, or perhaps my subconscious could be trying to relay important messages.

Whatever the reasons, the recurring themes leave an impression.

This morning, it was bugs. I pulled back the shower curtain and there were bugs all over the bottom of the bathtub. Even now my brain can still see them crawling over each other. Ick.

In the dream I immediately turned on the water and tried to wash them down the drain. In the midst of doing so I kept thinking they weren’t disappearing fast enough, there was no way of have time to get rid of all of them in time to have a shower and get to work.

As a person who hates being late, this aspect of the dreams irks me almost as much as the bugs that refused to be drowned for my hygiene.

If there are meant to be deep meanings behind these types of recurring dreams my subconscious should pay more attention it’s audience, maybe then it would realize that the message world come across better if it didn’t pick such icky and annoying metaphors for its cryptic clues.