Dear Diary,

Er, Internet?

Tomorrow is June 30th. Another six months of another year gone. <Insert comment on time having no meaning>. It has been so long since I’ve written. (Isn’t that just how the diary entries go, bizarrely conversational as if writing inane letters to your future self about the mundanity of your current life.)

I’ve been thinking about this site, actually, that isn’t true, the idea of this site has been floating around in the periphery of my thoughts. The other day my URL was renewed, and I wondered to myself, why do I keep paying to have this thing that I rarely use?

Sure every once in a while I go through a phase of putting my thoughts out there for the world, not that anyone asked for them. It isn’t necessary, sometimes it can be cathartic, yelling into an eternal void (because yes, even if I deleted this entire website tomorrow you know there is an archived version somewhere – the internet is eternal (this is your reminder, in case you forgot)). Is there a point though?

A comic once called blogging ‘a conversation no one asked to have’, or something along those lines, the premise I suppose being that the entire world doesn’t really need to hear people whinge about <fill in the blank>. Though isn’t that what we have turned the internet into? No one is forced to come to this site and read my ramblings though (my view counts prove that), so if few to no people are reading this, then why bother?

Why not just pick up a journal and a pen to write pedantic ramblings in, to one day look back on and think ‘wow, I am good at complaining about nothing’ or ‘that wasn’t really that dramatic’? Don’t worry, I have one of those too, where I keep my most embarrassing/idiotic thoughts (please make sure someone burns those WITHOUT reading them, once I die).

Back to the point at hand, why bother having this site if I am not going to, at the very least, post occasional drivel? Since I have now paid for a whole year longer owning the domain, I guess I should get the most out of that money, which these days could have bought me at least two coffees.

So dear Internet, what should I fill these infinite pages with?

Since there isn’t really anyone to answer that, I guess I’ll just keep writing whatever randomness pops into my head. Though nothing too divisive, I wouldn’t want to start a pointless debate, that isn’t what the internet is for!

Good Night,

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