Wind Down

This is the exceedingly exhausting part of my year. From mid January to some time in the June (if I’m lucky – last two years not so much) work is 200% all the time. Deadlines are around every corner. Clients are on every phone call or email. Did I drink any? Did I go to the bathroom? Basically, busy.

By the time I get home all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and shut off my brain for a while.

My go to? Murder mystery television. Generally NOT from North America. Britain, Iceland, New Zealand, France, absolutely. Subtitles, if I’m not too bleary-eyed, why not. Modern or historical, supernatural or dark comedy, if there is a murder to solve I’ll watch it (except for true crime – nope, put it over with the North American stuff for someone else to watch).

What do you watch to wind down?

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