Well, once again time has managed to just disappear. I was thinking ‘oh, I should write a post, it’s been a couple days’, then I checked and it’s actually been five days. I lost a whole work week.

Lost, isn’t the right word, I worked the whole work week, which is what you’re supposed to do during it. And yet, I really didn’t think five days had passed since I last wrote on here.

Tax season is definitely taking its toll, though it will really kick off when April rolls around, which given my sense of time lately will probably be in about five minutes.

I realize that I talk a lot about time these days. I’m sure my counselor would suggest that it is because I’ve had two big deaths in less than a year and that it makes you realize time is fleeting. (Madness takes its toll…(Rocky Horror reference, anyone)).

I don’t know if that is why I keep talking about it, or because me and everyone around me is getting older, or because I’m just tired, or because everyone is feeling the same way and there are tiny vibrations in the atmosphere that I’m tuning in to.

Either way, just like my lack of posts, it is unintentional.

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